our workspace

Where We Get It All Down

(oops! this page is under construction :)
We're in transition! I'm in the process of moving everything into our new commercial location, so what
you see below is an incomplete representation of our awesome new digs. It's always best to call and
arrange for a visit to get a full understanding of our facility's capabilities.
UPDATE: As of October 2016, most of the construction is complete, and while the control room is not installed, we have just completed a provisional recording and mixing situation in the main room. We've already been hosting rehearsals and now we're also good for recording with a couple of projects in the hopper! More to come...

Studio A

Our main recording space is a spacoius, 1000 sguare feet (40' X 25'). Fabulous vibe both sonically and visually, large enough for choirs and orchestras. Hammond B3 & Leslie 122, August Forster grand piano, Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, Rick Baker studio custom drums.

Control Room B

Adjacent to control A, Pre-production, Editing, Format Transfers, MIDI, includes MIDI controllers and sound modules. Economical recording & mixing to ProTools, Digital Performer, Logic, Sonar or Reaper.

Control Room A

Our main Tracking & Mixing Room is 16' X 18' featuring a classic Westar 36 input console, Studer A-80 2" 24 track analog recorder, Protools, Logic, Digital performer, UREI 813 main monitors. Also featured is a 1970s vintage Midas 16-input Pro4 tracking console. Total of 52 excellent mic preamps. The pic below is of the provisional control area within Studio A

Studio B

Our spacious 10' X 4' "iso room" serves as a vocal booth and voiceover studio as well as isolation for guitar amps.