our equipment

Condenser Microphones

AKG C418 PP (3)
AudioTechnica 4033
Audio Technica ATM11 (2)
CAD E-300
CAD Equitek II
MXL 991 (3)
Nakamichi CM300 (2)
Shure SM81

Boutique mics: the following condenser mics have all
been modified (to some degree) with circuit revisions,
boutique capsules & components etc.

Apex 460 (K-12 capsule, 6072 tube, modified amp circuit)
Apex 480 (2) (K-47 capsules)
Apex 430 (K-12 capsule)
MXL 990 (4) (K-67 capsules, modified amp circuit)
Realistic/Crown) PZM (2) (18v power supply)

Dynamic Microphones AKG D12E
Audio Technica Pro25
Audio Technica ATM63
Audio Technica ATM41a
Austin ribbon mic (I built this one myself!)
Crown PZM (2) Electro-Voice RE10
Electro-Voice 635A
Sennheiser MD421
Shure SM58 (3)
Shure SM57 (4)
Shure 545 (2)
Shure CR80D (same cartridge as Green Bullet) ~ blues harp
Shure CR 41 (the original Green Bullet) ~ blues harp

Keryboard Instruments Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie 122 cabinet
Fender Rhodes Stage 73 electric piano
Wurlitzer 200A electric piano
Korg CX3 tonewheel organ sim
Yamaha P90 digital piano
Yamaha PF85 digital piano
Ensoniq EPS sampler
Yamaha TX802 FM synth module
Kawai K1m synth module
Various Accordions (3 piano accordians, 2 button)
Crumar T1 Organizer tonewheel organ sim
August Forster 6' grand piano

Drums Rick Baker Studio Custom - premium hand-built fibreglass shells
Pearl Export 9-piece drum kit (for rehearsals)
Boss DR660 drum module

Guitars Fender Telecaster / Squier Stratocaster
Fender Jazz Bass / Cort 5-string bass, PJ config
Harmony Stratotone Jupiter 1962 vintage
Epiphone Les Paul Studio
Martin D-45 dreadnought acoustic (copy)
Wasburn J6 jazz-box
Supro Jet Airliner (1960?) 6 string lap steel guitar
Traynor YVC40 all-tube guitar amp
SWR LA15 & Traynor TC120 bass amps

Consoles Mitsubishi Westar 36 input in-line
Midas Pr04 (70s vintage) 16 input, 4 groups (primarily tracking)
Tascam M3500 32 input, 32 monitor, 8 bus with input/tape flip (64 inputs at mix)
Soundtracs Solo 16 input, 4 groups

Analog Recorders Studer A-80 2" 24 track multitrack
MCI JH-16 multitrack recorder with headstacks for 2" 16 & 24 track, 1" 8 track
MCI JH-110 1/4" halftrack master recorder
Ampex ATR700 1/4" master recorder
Technics RS 1700 1/4" recorder

Mic preamps Midas 1973 vinatge PRO10 channels strips - 16 preamps
Westar - 36 preamps DBX 586 tube pre w/EQ - 2 channels
Focusrite Platinum Trak Master class A pre w/ optical comp & EQ
Soundtracs Solo - 16 channels
Tascam FW1082 interface/controller - 4 channels
Tascam US1800 interface - 8 channels
Digidesign DIGI001 interface - 2 channels
Behringer Ultragain ADA8000 - 8 channels

Interfaces Motu PCIe 424/2408 (3)
Tascam FW1082 interface/DAW controller
Tascam US1800
Digidesin DIGI 001
Berhinger Ultragain ADA8000 ADAT converter
Lexicon Studio Core32/LDI12T/3x LDI10T

Computers & Software Custom Mac Intel i7 4gHz / Yosemite
Pro Tools 12
Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Reaper

Intel i7/ Windows 7 Hosting:
Cakewalk Sonar Platinum
Pro tools 10 & 12, WaveLab, Reaper

Mac G4/Tiger & Leopard/Digi001/TC Electronic PowerCore hosting:
Pro Tools LE
Logic Pro 7
Digital Performer 5

Intel P3/Win98se/Lexicon Studio Core32/LDI12T/3x LDI10T hosting:
Cockos Reaper

Outboard dbx 566 dual tube compressor
Orban 418a stereo limiter
dbx 266XL dual compressor
Alesis 3630 dual compressor
Lexicon PCM90 reverb/fx (2) (part of the Lexicon Studio Core32 interface)
Lexicon MPX100 reverb/fx
Alesis MIDIverb III reverb/fx
BBE Sonic Maximizer

Monitor System UREI 813 main (far field) monitors, Crown DC300 amps Yorkville YSM1p active near field monitors
Sony SA-WM40 active subwoofer
Behringer DCX2496 Ultradrive (active monitor speaker management)
PSB 30R passive monitors
NAD 2100 amplifier
Yorkville YSM1 passive monitors

Reference Headphones

MB Quart QP240
PWB Electrostatic SEL
Sennheiser HD 430
Sennheiser HD 414

Cue System

Paia 9206K 6ch. headphone amp
dbi Pro-705 headphones by German Maestro/MB Quart (11 pair)
Sony MDR V400 headphones (2 pair)
AKG K55 headphones