our rates & services

Flexible Services

We'd like to be part of your recording project. That may simply mean using our facilities and engineers for tracking, overdubbing and mixing. Or you might want us to become involved in the creative process with writing assistance and collaboration or engaging us as session players and vocalists. We're always pleased to meet with you to discuss the possibilities.

Basic Recording and Mixing

At this point we don't let out the studios without one of our engineers present. Studio time including engineer is available at an hourly rate based on which facilities are employed, minimum 2 hours. Full day rate can also be negotiated as well as rates for larger blocks of time.

Instruments, Outboard, Backline

Depending on your needs, all instruments on hand are available for use on your session. Reasonable surcharges are in order for use of vintage keyboards, grand piano or other specialty outboard or backline (guitar amps & such).

Artist Advice & Guidance

You may wish to take advantage of our music-business, arranging or songwriting expertise. We're pleased to meet with you to discuss what that might look like and establish a reasonable fee structure.

Production Package

Perhaps you'd like us to be involved from concept to delivery. This is the most cost-effective way to engage our services. We have the procedures, protocols, experience and contacts in place to guide your project from dream to reality with a preset total cost.