What's goin' on here?

All them pictures just looks like inside yer house fer Pete's sake!

That's right! most of Siesta Produce Recording Studio is completely contained within our Pickering townhouse. And our "Room B" tracking room is actually in the basement of Yo and Berge's house in Scarborough. Actually, this isn't all that unusual anymore. In fact there are many very busy commercial studios in residential neighborhoods nowadays. Some of the coolest rooms in Nashville are in people's homes. Technology has allowed, and the economy has insisted, that this is the way things are going for the recording world. So, please don't draw any negative conclusions about our location. We believe great product results from great people coming together with great ideas implementing great strategies using great tools.

Store-bought consistency, home-made ingenuity

Without the benefit of big record-label money, we've assembled a lot of great equipment over the years. We've been able to make some wonderful recordings in the nice-sounding spaces which we have available in our homes. This has allowed us to offer our services a little more cost-effectively, seeing as we haven't the added expense of a rented commercial building

There's no place like home...

Additionally our clients have told us that there is a stress-relieving vibe about our home environment which allows them to focus more on the music. Perhaps that's something that appeals to you! So if you're thinking about a recording project, bring it over to our place and let's git-er-done!